"How Tall Is Jessica Simpson?"

She is 5'3"


Jessica Simpson

Dear Jessica Simpson,

Why did you stop making size 4 shoes?

You yourself are petite, you're 5'3". You know how hard it is for us petites to find shoes that fit. You made them for a while.

Why did you stop making size 4 shoes?

You make the cutest shoes!!! Your newest style, GOBOW, soo cute!!

All your styles are so fabulous.
Jessica Simpson recent  picture We will buy them in EVERY COLOR, but you STOPPED making them in size 4, WHY???

You make kids shoes up to size 5. This makes no sense. We don't want to buy flats. We want those adorable wedges you sell.

Why would you stop making size 4 shoes?

PLEASE, for your petite sisters, don't listen to that accountant of yours who says your not selling enough of them.
Jessica Simpson picture Give the girls a chance to find you!!!

Start making your shoes in size 4 again, you won't be sorry!!!!

One day there were here, the next day they were gone!

Soo many girls e-mailed me asking why you stopped selling size 4.

You deserted your petite sisters. Come back to us!

Start selling your shoes in size 4!

Thank you.


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