Great Petite Jeans That Fit!

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I mean how many pairs of petite jeans do you own?
Never enough.

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With all the different styles they come in you can wear them anywhere. We dress them up, dress them down, we wear them in summer and in winter. We wear them two days in a row... no you've never done that!

With jeans its really important to wear what looks good on you and not follow the latest trend. Jean trends come and go and the pockets can get a little campy so stick to your style!

The jean process can be brutal but once you find your groove you can stay loyal to the cut that works best for you.

Best Value

Black Boot Cut
Black Boot Cut


00 Petite
00 Petite


Short Cropped
Short Cropped
Denim Leggings
Denim Leggings
White Jeans
White Jeans
Stretch Petite
Stretch Petite
Boot Cut
Boot Cut
Banana Republic
Banana Republic
Grey Denim
Grey Denim
Old Navy Petites
Old Navy Petites
Old Navy Trousers
Old Navy Trousers
Old Navy Flare
Old Navy Flare

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Types of Petite Jeans

  • Skinny Jeans Lets start here because they are so popular right now. As you know they get narrower towards the ankles. They always look great tucked into a pair of boots as this will balance out your silhouette. This style really looks best on skinny, skinny girls. Because of the silhouette that this style creates its tough to look good in these - unless you off set the narrowness with boots. If you are that thin, lean machine these will look fantastic on you, and only you can rock them with flats! Think Kate Moss & Sienna Miller.

    Boot Cut or Straight Leg: The quintessential jean. These jeans have no angles cut to the legs, they are straight all they way to the ankle. This helps balance out the hip and thigh area. Basic or snazzy with bedazzled pockets you probably own quite a few pair! Darker in color and dressed up with heels the boot cut jean is essential to building up your wardrobe. Think Jennifer Aniston.

    Flare Leg: These jeans flair out at the ankles and look great on most girls. They create a fun silhouette by balancing you out and elongating your line. This jean look great with wedge sandals. Then you can pair with any style top to create "your look". Be careful not to go too flared though. This jean can quickly go from good to adolescent.

    Trouser Leg: A classic cut that works well for fuller figured women. This jean, because of the wider width, looks great with a form fitted top, a classic tee and thin belt. This cut falls straight down from the thigh, with a fuller leg and looks cut with a cuff at the bottom.

    Boyfriend Jeans: Those baggy over sized jeans you belt at the top and roll up at the bottom. I don't think we have any problems finding this type. They're fun and easy and perfect for a trip to the local farmers market. Think Casual.

Many Colors

Dark washed are classic. Flattering and versatile they can be easily worn. If you like to take risks black skinny jeans or gray are another option. Rhinestones are questionable. Keep it simple. Acid washing is out, don't do it. Have fun with the back pockets, they come in a variety of stitching.

The Cost Of A Designer Pair

A designer pair have the quality and durability. If you consider how often you wear a pair it ends up being pretty reasonable. You probably still own the first pair you bought. My favorite brands are 7 for All Mankind, Diesel & Hudson and am loyal to them. But I always look out for them on sale! Think Nordstrom Rack, Lomans & T.J. Maxx

Other affordable options are brand name jeans, Levis & GAP, Banana Republic. Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch are good if you want to try a new trendy style. Often you can find cute ones in boutique stores that are reasonable or on sale.

Online Shopping for Petite Jeans

  • Hip urban style jeans in your small size 24 & 25 inch waist.
  • 7 For All Mankind jeans to Levis' - designer to discount
  • Skinny Jeans, Boot Cut, Boyfriend Jeans, Straight Leg... take your pick...
  • Plus size Baby Phat jeans focused on YOUR size needs.

Jeans & Denim Care

  • For long lasting jeans, have them dry cleaned.
  • Wash them inside out to keep the deep color.
  • Hang dry to keep shape & color longer.
  • Get them hemmed! A must do.

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